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Coworking Office Design is our specialty. Whether an in-house facility, or part of a serviced office design, our coworking space design schemes help to maximise occupancy while optimising the potential ROI with best-in-class design.

evolving office environments into coworking havens

In today’s landscape of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and adaptable freelancers, the demand for inspiring coworking space designs has surged.

Underutilised office spaces hold the potential to transform into profitable coworking hubs. If you possess the physical space, we offer the innovative ideas and strategic expertise to execute an office fit-out that distinguishes you in the market.

The global rise of the coworking movement has been striking in recent years, and the UK mirrors this trend. With a projected increase of over 12% in the next 2-3 years, coworking spaces are rapidly becoming a staple in major cities across the UK.



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Our Coworking Design Services


Before we do anything, our team of experts sit down with you and your team and learn your coworking office design requirements, needs and desires, taking into consideration budget, lead time & preferences.


Capturing the essence of the brief and getting buy-in before conceptualising in 3D is a vital stage for our in-house office interior design team.

Cost Analysis

As part of our services, we are able to provide you with an exact square footage for each area, breaking down the high value spaces by percentage and making sure the space fits with your short and long term objectives

Express Delivery

We understand that reacting to your clients needs is a high priority, that is why we have put together a core list of items that, in our experience, are commonly utilised within a coworking project, and made these products readily available.


These types of projects have continually moving goal posts, based on you clients needs and objectives and the collaboration of vendors. We aim to remain as flexibly as possible (e.g. storing furniture when necessary) and work closely with your teams to ensure a best-in-class outcome.


Our services and the teams that coordinate these services can seamlessly integrate with your own. Innov8 can integrate with your delivery team, becoming a complete solution for your cleint.

Our coworking office space design process


To optimise your project’s success, it is important that we thoroughly grasp your environmental and cultural requirements. By tailoring our solutions to align with the unique aspects of your organisation, we not only enhance the functionality of your space but also prioritise the well-being of your staff, ensuring a custom approach that reflects and elevates your distinct identity.


We collaborate closely with you to create customised solutions that meet your specific needs. Our iterative process involves regular review and adjustment based on the evolving project deliverables, ensuring optimal outcomes and complete satisfaction. Through open communication and a dynamic partnership, we ensure our efforts align with your changing goals and objectives. Together, we aim for excellence in surpassing expectations with our results.


Our offering will be a curated, carefully-selected solution, taking in to consideration all of the brief that we work together to create. We are not tied to any products or manufacturers, which means we are free to select and specify the most appropriate products for your needs.

What to consider when designing a coworking space?

Becoming successful in the coworking sector relies on a comprehensive strategy for your space.

To be the best in the market you need to offer your clients a facility that considers how you will accommodate many different member types whilst identifying your brand.


Space Utilisation

An essential aspect of coworking design revolves around optimising space to offer cutting-edge working facilities. Since revenue is primarily generated from desk rentals, achieving maximum density in the office is crucial while avoiding overcrowding.

While a typical London office typically allocates about 8 square metres per person, successful coworking spaces aim to lower this ratio to approximately 5 square metres per person. However, not all buildings are inherently equipped to provide this level of flexibility in design.

providing a return on your investment

Coworking spaces differ from regular working environments, in that every square foot needs to work towards optimised ROI on a space, balancing the luxury of space with commercial return.

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Serviced Office space based in the centre of Belfast in Centre House.

Featured Project


Serviced Office space based in the centre of Belfast and London.

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