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Choosing the right commercial office furniture is vital for a productive and comfortable work environment. We curate, source and supply the perfect furniture to meet your needs, from office desks, task seating, collaboration furniture and Acoustic Phone Booths, to boardroom suites.

a room is just a room until you fill it with purpose.

It’s our job to give you place purpose.

In the contemporary workplace, functional office furniture is pivotal for productivity and employee well-being. Whether office desking, task seating or collaboration furniture, prioritising ergonomic excellence helps to supports health and well-being.

Office Furniture selection can help to elevate spaces, giving purpose and direction to teams, and inspiration to collaborators.

Our expert team of office furniture consultants can help identify areas where product can elevate place.

Our office furniture Services

Innov8 is dedicated to crafting exceptional office spaces by harnessing the power of innovative office furniture solutions. Our expert team is committed to providing you with insightful guidance on selecting pieces that not only make a visual statement, but also promote practicality and enhance the health and wellness of your valued employees.


Before we do anything, our team of experts sit down with you and your team and learn your requirements, needs and desires, taking into consideration budget, lead time and aesthetic preferences.


With an extensive portfolio of office furniture, we take pride in our ability to curate the perfect product for you, through our network of manufacturing partners spanning across every continent and price point.


Through our expert Workplace Consultants, we offer Furniture Audits to take stock of your current furniture and assess what could be reused or recycled, and Storage Audits to assess the appropriate levels of storage is needed, and any space that can be saved.


Our Showroom is a great place to come and sit, touch and feel the products, select finishes with our design team, and, on larger projects, view mock-ups of your final selections.


Our dedicated Project Team bring everything together. Our team of in-house furniture installers are fully trained in all areas, including implementation and relocation.


We are dedicated to pursuing sustainable ways of working, and we offer facilities to recycle your pre-loved office furniture through charity partners and appropriate refuse channels

Functional Office Furniture
for the task at hand

In the contemporary workplace, functional furniture is pivotal for productivity and employee well-being. Prioritising ergonomic excellence, it supports health through adjustable desks, seating, and accessories. Versatile designs seamlessly adapt to diverse spaces, from collaborative hubs to private offices. Well-designed workstations foster efficiency and focus, tangibly impacting productivity.

Functional furniture effortlessly blends aesthetics with practicality, creating visually appealing workspaces. It’s a strategic investment that transforms workplaces into thriving environments, where style and functionality coexist harmoniously.

Collaboration Furniture
let’s get together and feel alright

Dedicated collaborative spaces in workplaces are pivotal for fostering teamwork and innovation. These environments encourage open communication between teams, idea exchange, and creative problem-solving.

By providing a designated area for collaboration, workplaces empower employees to work collectively, enhancing productivity, employee engagement, and contributing to a vibrant and dynamic organizational culture.

Office Desking
the unsung hero of the workplace

From a simple plywood shelf to an elaborate, feature-packed design, desks are the backbone of any working environment.

Despite their significance, desks are often overlooked in terms of their overall impact on the appearance and atmosphere of a workspace. Whether you opt for a vibrant colour scheme or a more utilitarian approach, a desk must first and foremost serve its purpose before its aesthetics.

Ergonomic Office Desking
It’s time to take a stand

The humble office desk is on the rise, with ergonomic office desks being the preferred choice for many office users.

A sit-stand desk offers many physical benefits to the user, as well as creating a more accessible space for those with mobility issues or unique physical requirements.

Whether a home office desk, or a corporate office furniture piece, a sit-stand desk can drastically improve collaboration, work efficiency and well-being.

Office Seating
Are you sitting comfortably?

When it comes to workspaces, the chair you spend the most time sitting on is perhaps the most crucial element. Back pain, repetitive strain injury, and fatigue can all be prevented with the use of a suitable task chair.

Selecting the right chair, arm type, mechanism, fabric, and structure finish can help your seating either blend in or stand out, and ultimately enhance the overall aesthetic of your workplace.

Soft Office Seating
meet the welcoming committee

An oftentimes overlooked aspect to any working environment, Hospitality zones are vital for fostering a sense of community, providing comfortable settings for informal interactions, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas both with internal teams and clients alike.

By incorporating inviting and functional design elements, these spaces contribute to enhancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and the overall impression of a business, making them an integral component of modern, dynamic workspaces.

Office Acoustic Furniture

the sound of silence

In today’s workplaces, acoustics play a crucial role in optimizing environments for productivity and well-being. Effective acoustics minimize distractions, fostering enhanced concentration and improved communication in collaborative spaces. Prioritizing employee well-being, reduced noise levels contribute to a comfortable atmosphere, positively impacting mental health.

Versatile acoustic solutions cater to diverse workspaces, promoting adaptability. The result is increased productivity as employees engage in tasks more efficiently. Thoughtful acoustics strike a balance between privacy and collaboration, offering a strategic investment in a harmonious, thriving workplace where individuals and organizations excel.

your place
is our passion

Every brief is different, as is every person who uses our furniture. We have spent years becoming experts at our craft so that we can guide you through the process as painlessly as possible.

Speak to one of our expert team today!

Evidence based

Our collaborative approach involves gaining a deep understanding of your business, what works for you, and equally, what doesn’t

Individual Design

Our in-house design team are on hand to help craft solutions built around you and your needs

In-House experts

Our team of experts possesses unparalleled knowledge in market branding and the intricacies of supply chain management.

Independant Advices

As an independent supplier, we pride ourselves on providing unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by any specific suppliers.

Trusted from fit-out to furnished

With a commitment to innovation, excellence, expertise, and precision, we bring a comprehensive approach, starting from good workplace design to the finishing touches.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with incredible organisations, from helping start-ups with their first offices, to helping global corporations roll-out office excellence across multi-national sites.

I am delighted to be able to provide a testimonial for Innov8 […] This year alone; Kingsbridge group has spent £120k on various projects with Innov8. I can confirm that they are a professional company who take pride in what they deliver; and provide a high end personal service. I have no doubt you will not be disappointed if you choose to go with Innov8.

Dr Suresh Tharma
Founder & Director
Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

Innov8 have been Catalyst’s supplier for over 10 years having won 3 framework supply tenders and a number of separately tendered projects. We have found Innov8 to be an excellent delivery partner in terms of design input, sourcing furniture, being competitive in price and in delivery of product and installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Innov8.

Mervyn Watley
Director of Property & Community

Stephen and the team at Innov8 delivered beyond our expectations, creating our amazing place of work. Lowe have continued to expand its facility […] and I’m delighted to have once again engaged [with Innov8]. I would not hesitate to recommend Innov8 […]

Rodney Lowry
Group Executive Chairman
Lowe Corporation

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