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Choosing the right office furniture is vital for a productive and comfortable work environment. We curate, source and supply the perfect furniture to meet your needs.

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Innov8 is dedicated to crafting exceptional office spaces by harnessing the power of innovative office furniture solutions. Our expert team is committed to providing you with insightful guidance on selecting pieces that not only make a visual statement, but also promote practicality and enhance the health and wellness of your valued employees.

Our Services


Before we do anything, our team of experts sit down with you and your team and learn your requirements, needs and desires, taking into consideration budget, lead time and aesthetic preferences.


With an extensive portfolio of office furniture, we take pride in our ability to curate the perfect product for you, through our network of manufacturing partners spanning across every continent and price point.


We offer Furniture Audits to take stock of your current furniture and assess what could be reused or recycled, and Storage Audits to assess the appropriate levels of storage is needed, and any space that can be saved.


Our Showroom is a great place to come and sit, touch and feel the products, select finishes with our design team, and, on larger projects, view mock-ups of your final selections.


Our dedicated Project Team bring everything together. Our team of in-house furniture installers are fully trained in all areas, including implementation and relocation.


We are dedicated to pursuing sustainable ways of working, and we offer facilities to recycle your pre-loved office furniture through charity partners and appropriate refuse channels


To optimise your project’s success, it is important that we thoroughly grasp your environmental and cultural requirements. By tailoring our solutions to align with the unique aspects of your organisation, we not only enhance the functionality of your space but also prioritise the well-being of your staff, ensuring a custom approach that reflects and elevates your distinct identity.


We collaborate closely with you to create customised solutions that meet your specific needs. Our iterative process involves regular review and adjustment based on the evolving project deliverables, ensuring optimal outcomes and complete satisfaction. Through open communication and a dynamic partnership, we ensure our efforts align with your changing goals and objectives. Together, we aim for excellence in surpassing expectations with our results.


Our offering will be a curated, carefully-selected solution, taking in to consideration all of the brief that we work together to create. We are not tied to any products or manufacturers, which means we are free to select and specify the most appropriate products for your needs.

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Every brief is different, as is every person who uses our furniture. We have spent years becoming experts at our craft so that we can guide you through the process as painlessly as possible.

Functional Furniture

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In the contemporary workplace, functional furniture is pivotal for productivity and employee well-being. Prioritising ergonomic excellence, it supports health through adjustable desks, seating, and accessories. Versatile designs seamlessly adapt to diverse spaces, from collaborative hubs to private offices. Well-designed workstations foster efficiency and focus, tangibly impacting productivity.

Hospitality Furniture

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An oftentimes overlooked aspect to any working environment, Hospitality zones are vital for fostering a sense of community, providing comfortable settings for informal interactions, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas both with internal teams and clients alike.

Collaborative Furniture

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Dedicated collaborative spaces in workplaces are pivotal for fostering teamwork and innovation. These environments encourage open communication between teams, idea exchange, and creative problem-solving.

Acoustic Furniture

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In today’s workplaces, acoustics play a crucial role in optimizing environments for productivity and well-being. Effective acoustics minimize distractions, fostering enhanced concentration and improved communication in collaborative spaces. Prioritizing employee well-being, reduced noise levels contribute to a comfortable atmosphere, positively impacting mental health.

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