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An office relocation can be equal-parts exciting and stressful. Let us take on the stress and leave you with the excitement! Our team of specialist office interior and workplace consultants can advise you every step of the way!

Office Relocation Services

Our Project Managers are here to handle every aspect of your office move. Our team bring extensive experience to the table, addressing major concerns such as the impact on your staff and clients, as well as practical challenges like disposal and storage of old equipment.


The earlier we are involved in the process, the better. We can asses your current needs with out workplace consultants, establish where the pinch-points are and develop a roadmap for your new space.

If you have yet to obtain a new space, we can assist with our office interior design services, producing space plans for new potential locations, establishing a feasibility report based on your space needs, cultural requirements and wishlists!


An office move can involve many moving parts, each with their own set of priorities and timelines. Our expert team can pull together a project team to ensure you move goes off without error, coordinating with vendors, managing logistics and providing resources to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Let us help you manage the moving of your office furniture, storage and accessories, and seamlessly integrate with your office IT experts and sub-contractors. Or better yet, get us involved early with our Office Interior Design team and we can handle every cable, pedestal and carpet tile!

Office Relocation Checklist

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