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Whether working from home, or a hybrid role, our homes are more and more becoming a part of our working environments. Innov8 can help help to level-up your home set-up, or help your company with our WFH onboarding programs!

hybrid and home office furniture

Whether an individual working at home looking to level-up their home office setup, or a business looking to provide hybrid working solutions, our experts can help!

We have a wide range of home office furniture that can accommodate any budget, look and size.

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Working From Home Seating

The chair you sit on most each day inevitably is your office chair. Whether you are working from home, or in an office, your office chair should be a priority when kitting out your office or home office set up.

From mesh task seating to luxury leather statement pieces, we can source, supply and install the best solution for you!

working from home desking

Crafting your home office setup is an opportunity for personal expression and tailored functionality. It’s not just about furnishing a workspace; it’s about creating an environment that mirrors your unique identity and accommodates your workflow seamlessly.

Whether you’re seeking the adaptability of an electric sit-stand desk to effortlessly shift along with your dynamic tasks or a bespoke wood veneer statement, our expertise lies in delivering solutions that align perfectly with your individual requirements and style preferences.

ergonomic accessories

Enhance your home office with ergonomic accessories that prioritise comfort and support. Explore our selection, featuring practical solutions like wrist-friendly keyboards and adjustable monitor stands. These thoughtful additions promote healthy posture, optimising your workspace for improved well-being and productivity.

corporate wfh program

Remote Working and Hybrid Working have become part of our corporate language in recent years, and in order to respond to the growing demand from our existing and new clients, we have created a Corporate WFH Program.

This program allows businesses to promote either a remote or hybrid working model, and roll-out a scheme that provides a home-office set-up to their employees across the business.

Our Teams coordinate with you to deliver and install to your existing employees, which continues through to any new employees, who can receive a home-working provision as part of their onboarding process!

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