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Workplace consultancy involves a systematic process that aids in understanding your current space utilisation, giving you the tools to evaluate how it can be optimised in alignment with your current and future needs.

let your workplace culture speak for itself

Workplace Consulting is crucial for creating an office design that ensures success and future resilience. By deeply engaging with staff and meticulously gathering data, we embed ourselves in your company to grasp its culture, identity, and work practices.

This data forms the bedrock of our designs, ensuring that every aspect of the space serves a purpose.

As you undertake the journey of workplace transformation, we also offer training, support, and motivation to empower your staff to embrace the change from the outset through careful change management.

…of UK employees feel that they do not have a good work life balance.
…of UK office workers spend between four and nine hours each day sitting at their desk.
Employees are interrupted approximately every three minutes and five seconds.

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Our team of workplace consultants employs advanced research techniques to deeply understand your business, crafting a strategy that will revolutionise your office space and redefine the dynamics of how your people work.

How workplace consultancy can help your business?


understand Your business needs

Gaining a deep understanding of every element of the business is key to the success of any project.


data driven responses to your workspace needs

Our designs are entirely data-driven. Every work setting has a purpose behind it, and not just a trendy gimmick.


Plan your space efficiently

Identifying your space requirements can be a guessing game unless you have workplace strategy data to inform decisions.


Futureproof your space

Building resilience and flexibility into office space is so crucial, especially as offices flux from hybrid to fixed models, depending on cultural and societal expectations.


unlock the hidden potential in your hidden spaces

Don’t see empty space as something additional, see it as an opportunity to create something that the office is lacking.

Our Workplace Design Consultancy Services

organisational review

An organisational review is where we embed ourselves in to your processes, your culture and your teams. We review how your teams work, what work types are being utilised (Concentrative, Collaborative and Private).

Using the information we learn, we are able to recommend any changes that the environment may need, i.e. increasing meeting spaces, adding private booths for virtual calls and concentrative work.

Technology Review

Our specialised workplace consultants conduct thorough technology reviews within your workspace, evaluating existing setups and identifying opportunities for enhancement. By meticulously assessing what currently works and exploring possibilities for innovative introductions, we provide valuable insights to optimise your technological infrastructure.

This service ensures that your office environment aligns seamlessly with the latest advancements, fostering efficiency and productivity for your team.

Growth Planning

Our workplace consultants, in conjunction with our office interior design team, are able to provide planning tools to assist with organisations who need to grow, or are planning to grow in the future, and provide valuable insights into how a current workplace could be optimised, and where the constraints are.

Trusted from fit-out to furnished

With a commitment to innovation, excellence, expertise, and precision, we bring a comprehensive approach, starting from good workplace design to the finishing touches.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with incredible organisations, from helping start-ups with their first offices, to helping global corporations roll-out office excellence across multi-national sites.

I am delighted to be able to provide a testimonial for Innov8 […] This year alone; Kingsbridge group has spent £120k on various projects with Innov8. I can confirm that they are a professional company who take pride in what they deliver; and provide a high end personal service. I have no doubt you will not be disappointed if you choose to go with Innov8.

Dr Suresh Tharma
Founder & Director
Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

Innov8 have been Catalyst’s supplier for over 10 years having won 3 framework supply tenders and a number of separately tendered projects. We have found Innov8 to be an excellent delivery partner in terms of design input, sourcing furniture, being competitive in price and in delivery of product and installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Innov8.

Mervyn Watley
Director of Property & Community

Stephen and the team at Innov8 delivered beyond our expectations, creating our amazing place of work. Lowe have continued to expand its facility […] and I’m delighted to have once again engaged [with Innov8]. I would not hesitate to recommend Innov8 […]

Rodney Lowry
Group Executive Chairman
Lowe Corporation

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