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Workplace consultancy involves a systematic process that aids in understanding your current space utilisation, giving you the tools to evaluate how it can be optimised in alignment with your current and future needs.

…of UK employees feel that they do not have a good work life balance.
…of UK office workers spend between four and nine hours each day sitting at their desk.
Employees are interrupted approximately every three minutes and five seconds.
What drives your staff?
What do they value the most?

Our team of workplace consultants employs advanced research techniques to deeply understand your business, crafting a strategy that will revolutionize your office space and redefine the dynamics of how your people work.

organisational review

An organisational review is where we embed ourselves in to your processes, your culture and your teams. We review how your teams work, what work types are being utilised (Concentrative, Collaborative and Private).

Using the information we learn, we are able to recommend any changes that the environment may need, i.e. increasing meeting spaces, adding private booths for virtual calls and concentrative work.

Technology Review

Our specialised workplace consultants conduct thorough technology reviews within your workspace, evaluating existing setups and identifying opportunities for enhancement. By meticulously assessing what currently works and exploring possibilities for innovative introductions, we provide valuable insights to optimise your technological infrastructure.

This service ensures that your office environment aligns seamlessly with the latest advancements, fostering efficiency and productivity for your team.

Growth Planning

Our workplace consultants, in conjunction with our office interior design team, are able to provide planning tools to assist with organisations who need to grow, or are planning to grow in the future, and provide valuable insights into how a current workplace could be optimised, and where the constraints are.

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